Metal Roofing

At Alves Inc. we can fabricate custom metal roofing for any size roof. Utilizing our roll forming metal roofing machines, we can run off panels of any length ensuring that your roof is protected from ridge to eave by one single impenetrable sheet of metal. The profiles we use are the Snap Lock profile and a 1.5″ Standing Mechanical Seam CB150 roofing panel. Both come in 16″ coverage widths.

The Snap Lock profile comes in two different styles. The first is the SL-100 which has a 1″ standing seam and the second is the SL-150 which has a 1.5″ standing seam. Both are available in concealed and visible fastener installation methods and require no special tools along the seam to prevent water intrusion. The higher seam provides better water protection, and is recommended on shallower pitched roofs where water may be able to build up higher before washing off the roof.

The CB-150 profile uses multiple panels that use hidden installation clips between the panels to lock them in place. This results in a clean appearing roof that is free of visible fasteners, just like the Snap Lock profiles. The locking panel that is first installed has the clip installed over its standing seam and then the next panel is laid over it creating three layers of metal where the hidden clips are. Then a special crimping tool is used to fold the metals over on themselves to create a seal completely impervious to water intrusion.

Metal roofing is durable and comes in a wide range of colors to suit the desires of any property owner. The typically bright colors also make for a stark contrast from other roofing options which tend to have more muted or dull color palettes.

We order our metal stock from Custom Bilt Metals and Gutterman’s Choice

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