Picture of Recycling Center Scale and Scale House


Dear Humboldt County,

Feel free to make use of Alves Inc’s Construction, Demolition and Inert Debris Recycling Center.

Conveniently located near Highway 101 and 299.

Open 7:30am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Concrete (even with rebar), blocks, bricks, gravel, blacktop, and granite countertops are FREE to drop off.

Just make sure no wood or garbage is mixed in!

You can dump your scrap metals here too, but, sorry, we are not paying out at this time.

It’s $5 to dump off each porcelain toilet or sink.

If you have clean dirt, it’s $5 per yard to unload it on us.

For general construction debris, you just pay $150 per ton. There is a minimum dump fee of $25. This works out to about 335 pounds of waste. So if you are dumping more than that, you are effectively paying $7.50 per hundred pounds dumped!

Tile is dumped at a reduced rate of $100 per ton. The same minimum dump fee applies.

What is general construction debris?

Wood, sheetrock, stucco metal, shingles, plaster of paris, flooring, hardie board and siding are all perfectly acceptable.

What isn’t acceptable?

Oil, tires, paint, batteries, cardboard, plastics, light bulbs, electronics and household garbage (anything that rots) are not things we can accept.

We may require you take those items back or face additional charges.

This is something we don’t want to do, so please be sure to check your

Map of Weigh Station

How do you make use of the facility?

On the south end of our property, there is a brown weigh station and scale. If you have concrete or per unit material to dump (sinks, clean dirt, basically anything we don’t have to weigh), just pull up along the scales. An Alves Inc employee will then direct you where you need to go to dump your materials.

If you have general construction debris, just pull up on the scales. After an Alves Inc employee has started a weigh tag, they will direct you where you need to go to dump your construction debris.