Wood & Bamboo

We carry a large selection of pre-finished wood and bamboo flooring. Wood flooring is an easy to clean, long lasting and beautiful way to add value and style to a room and equity to a home. Prefinished woods have their aluminum oxide wear layer applied under controlled conditions and are harder to scratch than sand and finish floors of the same wood species.

Both solid and engineered wood are available and are suited to different jobs. Solid wood is made of 3/4″ thick boards which must be nailed to a wooden subfloor. These boards are the same wood the whole way through and approximately 1/4″ of wear layer will be available after install which allows these floors to be refinished 2-3 times in their lifespan. This means that a beautiful wood floor installed now stands a good chance of still being beautiful and sound for your grandchildren. Because of the high humidity in this area we find that boards no thinner than 3/4″ and no wider than 4″ do best here with the least chance of warping due to changes in moisture and temperate.

Engineered wood is made by attaching a wear layer (typically 1/8″) of the displaying wood species to plywood. This makes for a floor that is more dimensionally stable because each layer of the wood is cross grained to the next so that as the wood expands or contracts the various layers fight each other and stay in place. This allows for dramatic wider 5″ & 6″ boards that don’t suffer from warping problems. In addition, because of this stability these floors can be nailed down or installed as floating floors. This means that, like laminate, engineered wood can be installed over concrete, old vinyl and other troublesome subfloors. Typically engineered wood floors can be re-finished maybe once. An additional advantage of engineered wood is that due to the ease if install it requires less specialty tools and costs less to have professionally installed.

All of the wood floors we carry are CARB2 compliant and many are made in the USA. Our extensive selection draws on floors from respected manufactures like Columbia, Ark, Mohawk, and Armstrong.


Bamboo is a beautiful, renewable, and potentially durable flooring option. The reason we say “potentially durable” is that unlike oak, maple and other hardwoods bamboo is not really a wood, it’s a grass. This means that it’s hardness varies depending on its age at harvest, the minimum age for a good hardness bamboo being about seven years. While seven years is still an eye blink compared to the harvest cycle of many hardwood species some companies looking to push out a cheaper product aren’t willing to wait. The result of this impatience is a bamboo floor that you can scratch with your fingernails and that won’t stand up the wear or real life. That is why we carry Medallion bamboo which is sourced and tested carefully to make sure it’s up to standard.

Bamboo floors come in one of two constructions. Traditional, or slatted bamboo, is made when the hollow tubes or bamboo are broken into slats and placed in a press. These styles have the attractive “knuckles” that are commonly associated with bamboo but tend to be softer than the other styles of hard surface flooring. In fact, if not properly harvested many traditional bamboo flooring products will under perform the cheapest laminate. Our preferred construction is stranded bamboo where the bamboo is broken down further into fibers and woven into a tough composite flooring. Our stranded bamboo is consistently about twice as hard as oak on the Janka wood hardness scale. These have their own distinct and stunning visual available in both natural and stained finishes.

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