Vinyl is simply the best flooring option for most kitchens and bathrooms.  Good vinyl is tough, resilient, water proof, easy to clean, and attractive.  High quality vinyl can be expensive though, which is why we carry a mixture of first quality drops and factory second vinyl rolls from Congoleum, IVC, and Mannington. With thick wear layers, stylish design, and a good selection these vinyls are an excellent deal.

Factory second generally means that due to an error in manufacture a roll of vinyl doesn’t match the display sample in some way.  Most often it’s a little off in color from what they intended.   However since we stock these rolls each sample is directly from the roll, so what you see is what you get.

Fiberglass Sheet Vinyl

The newest type of sheet vinyl is called fiberglass sheet vinyl because of a layer of fiberglass embedded in the backing to provide dimensional stability. Older vinyls had a felt and paper backing which would discolor and fall apart when the backing got wet. Fiberglass vinyl on the other hand is all plastic and completely water proof. Where a traditional felt backed vinyl must be glued down or it will curl and stiffen along the edges, fiberglass vinyl is so stable that it can be installed without any glue in many situations. Even when fiberglass sheet vinyl is glued down, such as in bathrooms or high traffic areas, we typically use a releasable adhesive so that the vinyl can be peeled back without being damaged. This means that if there is a leak you won’t have tear apart to vinyl to fix it. For the same reasons fiberglass vinyl seams well and is easy to patch in case of damage.

In order to achieve this remarkable stability fiberglass vinyl is significantly thicker than felt backed vinyl. While this makes the vinyl softer and more comfortable to stand on it can lead to indentations from appliances and furniture. Because of this we focus on high density styles such as those provided by IVC and Mannington which minimize the risk of indentation.

Commercial Sheet Vinyl

If your job calls for high traffic water proof flooring we also carry Armstrong Corlon and IVC commercial vinyl floors. These vinyls are designed for heavy rolling loads, high traffic, and a long life span. The trade off is that they are harder to install and require specialty adhesives. That is why we carry the correct tools and sundries and work with fully licensed and bonded contractors who specialize in installing these floors.

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