Laminate is a great hard surface option that combines both durability with value. It consists of a high density fiberboard core with a durable plastic print laminated on to it, hence the name. Laminate flooring is installed as a floating floor, meaning that is isn’t glued to nailed to the floor bellow it. Each of the boards or planks are locked to one another forming a single piece that has a small gap around the perimeter of the room to allow the material and the house to move around one another. This creates a stable floor that is not prone to buckling with changes in weather and temperature. It also has the advantage of being able to go directly over many existing floors such as old vinyl or wood.

Laminates main strengths are durability, economy and ease of installation. This makes it an ideal choice for living areas, hallways and bedrooms. Its main weakness is moisture. Since laminate has a fiberboard core it absorbs moisture which can cause swelling in the floor. Because of this, never use laminate in high ambient moisture areas such as bathrooms.

Our laminate inventory exceeds any other Humboldt County flooring store. We currently have over twelve different styles and 14,000 sq ft of laminate in stock ranging from economy oriented oaks and maples to hand scraped russet olive and cypress.

All of the laminates we carry are fully CARB2 compliant, meeting California’s stringent requirements for formaldehyde content.

Laminate Padding


All laminate floors require some kind of padding. Here at Alves Discount Carpet & Flooring we have three types of laminate, or floating floor pad, in stock (this pad can be used for floating floors other than laminate). We have a basic open cell foam 3­in­1 which serves as a moisture barrier, provides support for the flooring and provides sound. Next is a closed cell foam that performs all the functions of the 3­in­1, but offers much better performance due to its closed cell technology and increased foam density. Finally we have acoustic rubber padding. It is recommended on many second story applications as a means of reducing noise between the two floors. At 44 pounds per cubic foot, it is one of the densest acoustic rubber pads available and also acts as an effective insulator.

The type of pad used can have a drastic affect on how the floor performs.

Laminate Moldings

Wherever a laminate floor meets another type of flooring or exterior doorway a shaped transition piece is needed. We inventory multiple profiles of transition molding for each of our stocking products so we have what you need when you need it.

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