Most homes these days use carpet as their primary flooring, and with good reason. It is warmer, softer and, often times, more colorful or textured than most other options. Additionally, it is the cheapest flooring to install.


Carpet rolls start out at hundreds of feet long, but as cuts are taken off the roll for jobs, the manufacturer is left with roll ends of carpet which are too small to be useful for most orders. These become carpet remnants. We at Alves buy packages of these remnants and get massive savings on the carpet to pass on to you. We mix different packages to ensure we have many different styles, qualities, colors and sizes to ensure you can find the carpet that is right for your space.

Routinely the cost of a remnant versus an equivalent ordered carpet is 40% – 65% less. The carpet is on  hand and so there are no need to wait, or pay, for shipping. This results in further savings and a quicker turnaround time than could otherwise be had.

Typical carpet remnants are 12’ wide and range from a small room sized piece 9’ long up to pieces 70’ long which is large enough to floor most apartments.

We stock both residential and commercial styles.  This means that we can match the right style of carpet to your job.  When multiple remnants are used in the same house the flooring of each room can be individually matched to the needs and aesthetic of that space.

Stock Rolls

While remnants are the best value you can get dollar for dollar, they are too small to perform larger installations of multiple matching rooms. This is where stock rolls come in. We keep a few rolls of ordered carpet on hand specifically for property managers to place in their rentals. These styles stay consistent over time and can be reordered to ensure we always have some on hand.

Additionally, we look into rolls of carpet that are overstock, are at the end of a yarn run or are to be discontinued. In most cases these rolls cannot be reordered, however, the prices for these carpets are much better than if they were ordered and the quality drastically outperforms the rental grade carpet we can stock on a daily basis. They typically come in rolls large enough to do one to three full size houses. So if you are looking for quality, affordable carpeting throughout your home, stock rolls may be exactly what you need.

Ordered Carpet

While remnants and stock rolls will be your best value and have the benefit of being on site, there is always the possibility that you may not find anything in stock that will match both your intended style and your space.

While we specialize in remnants, we certainly are able to order carpet and handle jobs of any size. Below are some images from our recent work on a hotel carpet replacement.

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding makes a big difference to the feel and performance of a new floor. Every time carpet is stepped on force is placed into the backing. If the padding absorbs this force and minimized movement in the carpet backing. If the padding is absent, or insufficient the carpet backing will wear at an accelerated rate eventually causing unrepairable delamination and ripples. We stock three kinds of carpet padding.

Rebond carpet padding is recycled foam glued back together into a soft insulating mat. This kind of pad is the most common used under carpeting and comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses. We stock 8lb 7/16″ rebond which is a solid middle of the road choice providing comfort and economy.

Felt pads are made from recycled nylon and tend to be thin and dense. While ideal for commercial and high traffic installations these pads are generally less soft underfoot than a foam padding. We stock a 32oz felt that works well on stairs and also paired with our high traffic commercial carpet remnants. Another reason to choose a felt padding is that it has no smell and is a zero VOC product.

Our top of the line padding is Shaw’s Ultimate Touch 10lb 7/16″ memory foam pad. Along with being soft, thick, consistent, and zero VOC this padding has an attached moisture barrier which prevents liquids, dust, dander, sand and anything else from entering the padding. This is particularly helpful when it comes to liquid stains such as coffee, juice and wine. Most carpet cleaners only clean the carpet itself and as the carpet dries the liquid trapped in the padding wicks up to the surface and the stain magically reappears. Not so with this padding which stops the liquid from ever getting that deep in the first place.

Shaw is so confident that this padding will extend the life of the carpet it is installed with that they will double the warranty on any four star or better Shaw carpet installed over Ultimate Touch padding.

Our carpet remnants, stock rolls and ordered carpet come from these three manufacturers:




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